Registration Fees

No Other Travel Fees

- a local, one day conference, etc.

  • Submit the completed registration form along with a completed pink requisition and attach the required documentation.  Send to Procurement Services. It will be stamped 'straight pay' and sent to Accounting.

With Other Travel Costs - when there will be additional costs for travel, hotel, meals, etc.

  • Send to Accounting, the completed registration form, travel authorization with all approval signatures, account number to be charged, along with documentation pertaining to what if any, meals which are included in the registration fee.  Be sure to check the registration fee pre-payment box on the travel authorization and provide the Federal ID number of the payee.

             Should be sent to Accounting at least three weeks before the event.

Paid by Employee with Their Own Funds

  • If an employee chooses to pay for a registration fee with their personal funds, they may do so, but they will not be reimbursed until after the event takes place.  They can submit their reimbursement request to Accounting on a travel voucher along with the original receipt and required documentation.