Professional Involvement

One important component of each professional’s responsibility is campus service. This is also a good way to get to know other professionals and faculty that you may not otherwise meet. Campus involvement gives you insight into the big picture at Buffalo State College.

Possible areas of involvement include (but are not limited to):

Professional Staff Caucus (PSC):

Since you’re at this page you are somewhat aware of the PSC. One small step towards professional involvement is to attend the general membership meetings. You can become actively involved by volunteering for one of the committees that are established during the year. These include the Cornfest, New Year Party, and Election committees. You may also be interested in running for one of the elected offices. A good starting point would be a PSC representative.

College Senate:

The College Senate is the campus advisory body for the President. Our Senate is somewhat unique within SUNY because it includes professionals, faculty and students on the same body. There are various committees that are established as part of the senate’s structure and all committees will include professional representation. The Senate meets monthly. See the College Senate web page for more information. The chair of the College Senate can be reached at 878-5139.

United University Professions (UUP):

The bargaining unit or Union for professionals and faculty at Buffalo State College, the local UUP is one of the 64 chapters across the state. There are monthly general membership meetings open to all professionals and faculty. Often throughout the semester committees are established to address specific issues, usually "condition of employment" related. Each office or department has a union steward whose job it is to communicate to the professionals in that area. The UUP office on campus can be reached at 878-5732.

Departmental and all campus committees:

Usually, departments have personnel or search committees and or advisory committees. Take the initiative to let your supervisor know that you are willing to serve when the opportunity arises.

The Dean of Students (878-4618) operates the student judicial program and professionals are needed to serve as justices or student advocates.

Student Life:

Each student organization at Buffalo State College is required to have a professional or faculty advisor. Many times student organizations are searching for advisors. There are recognition and awards selection committees such as Who’s Who Among American College Students where professional representation is needed. Anyone interested in this area of student involvement should contact the Director of Student Life at 878-4631.