If a student has transferred into Buffalo State College from another SUNY institution there is a strong chance a G.E.T.A. (General Education Transcript Addendum) was issued on their behalf.

The student's GETA specifies which course fulfills what Cognate Area.   A student with a GETA will have a note placed at the bottom of the audit specifying which areas (list A) are met.

Recently these courses have been "tagged" so that when they are seen in Degree Navigator they are given a chance to place appropriately on the audit.  A GETA tagged course will be empowered to place on the audit based on either its BSC translation or GETA tag. 

The GETA tags are :

GETAN: Math/ Natural Science

GETAO: Social Science


GETAU: Humanities

GETAZ: Basic Math

GETA1: American History Civilization

GETA2: Western Civilization

GETA3: Other World Civilization

An example of this is:

Paul Psychology transfers into Buffalo State College from Brockport has a GETA issued on his behalf. 

This course as it appears in Degree Navigator :

 PSY101 (3, 20061, C, TR, GETAN, TFR_BKPT_PSH112)

The course PSH112 that comes into Buffalo State College as PSY101 has a tag on it of "GETAN" (Math/ Natural Science List A) so  it can now place on the audit in that location.

What you will notice first:

It is not uncommon for a course to be tagged GETAU (Humanities), but also have the BSC translation of ENG102.  The course will then place as a List A Humanities per this tag, then also place in Basic Communication.

It is not uncommon for a course to be tagged GETAO (Social Science), but also have the bsctranslation of SOC201.  The course will then place as a List A Social Science per this tag, even if there is another SOC prefix being used already for this requirement.

Questions or concerns about the GETA can be addressed by emailing