•  Student receives approval to take a course at another institution by first submitting an off campus study application to the department offering  the equivalent course at Buffalo State.  These forms are available only at the Registrar’s Office at Moot Hall 210.
  •  Student indicates the institution and semester coursework is to be taken.
  •  The department chair signs the form after indicating the catalog number for the Buffalo State equivalent course.  
  •  Student then obtains the signature of the chair of the department in the student’s major. 
  •  Completed form is submitted to the Registrar’s Office. 
  •  Student has an official transcript sent to the Registrar’s Office after completing the course.


        Obtain Signature approvals of the chair of the course equivalent as well as the chair of your department. Student returns original to the Registrar’s office and keeps the pink copy for their records. This form should be filled out before they start to take the course.

        Upon Completion of the course have an official copy of their transcript from the school attended sent to Buffalo State 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo NY 14222 ATTN Off Campus Study Coordinator, Registrar’s Office.



  • All transfer credit policies published in the current college catalog will apply. 
  • Only Credit is transferable. Grades, quality point and cumulative averages do not transfer
  • A maximum of 88 semester hours may be transferred from other accredited institutions, no more than 66 of which may be transferred from two- year colleges.
  • Departments reserve the right to accept or not accept transfer credits in fulfillment of their own major requirements. It is advised that the student meet with the department chair or advisor to determine if credit will be accepted. It is useful to have a copy of the catalog from the visiting institution available.
  • The evaluation of transfer credits is recorded on Degree Navigator by your major department. Credits will be posted to your official transcript by the Registrar’s office upon receipt of your official transcript.
  • Courses taken at another institution cannot replace a grade at Buffalo State. You cannot repeat at Buffalo State course for which you earned a grade of C- or less by taking it at another college.
  • Courses taken at institutions using the quarter hour system are transferred back to Buffalo State at 2/3 semester hour for each quarter hour. For example 3 quarter hours = 2 semester hours.
  • Only courses that meet the Buffalo State Writing Intensive Requirements will be transferred in a fulfilling the W requirement
  • Only the Director of the Writing Program can approve courses coming into BSC as CWP101 or CWP102.
  • A minimum of 32 hours, including the last 16 must be completed at Buffalo State, unless approval states otherwise.
  • In addition to the required GPA to graduate with honors, a student must have earned 54 hours at Buffalo State.