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Degree Navigator will be replaced by Degree Works audit on March 3rd at which time Degree Navigator will no longer be available.

Take a moment for your own records to print off a copy of your Degree Navigator report. Thank You.

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Common Issues and Concerns

Please remember to print off an updated copy of your audit sheet every few months for your records, and also bring any questions you may have to your advisors attention.  As coursework is added or removed (during drop/add) there will be a shifting in the audit as higher precedence is usually given to the newer registrations. 

Attention Students:

You may want to print out "How to Access Your Audit Sheet" for future reference.

How to Access Your Audit Sheet
Student Documentation (PDF, 247KB)
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Which General Education Requirement are you following?  

  • GEC  Gened Core, Entry term prior to Fall 2000
  • GE2K General Education 2000, Entry term Fall 2000 or later
  •  IF Intellectual Foundations: First time Freshman at anywhere Fall 2006 Entry term or later

About Degree Navigator 5
Degree Navigator is Buffalo State's student audit system. Use it to check grades, review where you're at with course requirements, and see how close you are to graduation. With Degree Navigator 5 comes new features and a new interface.

Please Note:
At this time Degree Navigator has not been implemented for graduate degree programs. Graduate students and faculty should only use Degree Navigator to view course listings and grades at this time

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How to Access Your Audit Sheet     

Step 1: Logging On
Enter your username, now all in lowercase, in the User Name Box. Enter the first six digits of your social security number in the Password box, and click Login.


If you do not know your username, you can look it up at:

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Step 2: Choose a Degree
Select the degree choice that you wish to view your progress towards. Students with another degree of study, a minor, or a concentration will have more than one option.


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Step 3: Getting an Audit Sheet
By default the Full Report has been chosen for you.  This is the most comprehensive report.

Get Help:

If you need additional help with Degree Navigator, contact

Additional student documentation is available at:

It is recommended to print your audit sheet off every few months and keep for your records.  As courses are added and dropped in Banner,  your audit will shift accordingly.

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