What to do if your coursework is not placing in your Major properly:

Please contact your advisor if you are concerned about coursework not placing in your major.  Basic issues such as one course replacing another needs to be relayed to audit directly from a representative of the Department.  Audit will work with the Department to clear up any of these discrepancies.

What to do if you can not login to Degree Navigator:

If you do not know your username, you can go to CTS’s username lookup found here:

Your password is always the first six digits of your Social Security Number

If you are still having trouble with the logon please try to clear your Internet Explorer Cache by going to:

  • Tools
  • Internet Options
  • Delete Files
  • Delete Cookies

If this fails, please try a different terminal to eliminate that as the issue.

If Username lookup did not return a result, or you still can not login,  call 878-4811 or go to Moot Hall 210 (Registrars Office) and ask to speak to an Audit representative.

Avoid taking coursework not needed:

High School transcripts and updated College Transcripts only get sent to the Admissions department at your request.  It is the students responsibility to assure that this coursework is showing on the "transcript" portion of your Degree Navigator.  You then want to view your full report to see how these courses are placing.   Any questions about the high school transcript can be addressed by emailing :

Please make the question specific to the requirement you are inquiring about (such as high school foreign language) so that they will know how to proceed.

Understand what a G.E.T.A. is:

If you transferred into Buffalo State College from another SUNY institution there is a strong chance that a G.E.T.A. (General Education Transcript Addendum) has been issued on your behalf.  If we have received this, there should be a note placed at the bottom of your "full report" waiving certain general education requirements.  Failure to understand the G.E.T.A., or know if one has been issued on your behalf can result in taking extra coursework you may not need.  This applies to students following the General Education 2000 (GE2K) & Intellectual Foundations (IF) requirements

Questions or concerns regarding how this applies to you can be answered by asking your academic advisor, the admissions office or by emailing

Understand what the Associates Degree can do for you:

If you transferred into Buffalo State College with an A.A. or A.S. degree, the course "ASSOC" should appear on your audit sheet.  This ASSOC course waives the following Buffalo State General Education Requirements:

For GEC Students - The Applied Science & Technology, Arts, Social Science, Math/Science, and Humanities requirements.

For GE2K Students - All of the Applied Science & Technology,  and 3 credits (List B ) in each of the following:   Arts, Social Science, Math/Science and Humanities requirements. Student is still responsible for the List A requirements.

For IF Students -  3 credits in each of the following: Technology & Society, Arts, Social Science, Natural Science, and Humanities requirements.

 A student with an A.A. or A.S. degree must still fulfill all other general education and major/minor graduation requirements.

It is very common for the A.A. or A.S. degree to not be verified until a few weeks after the student completes their coursework at the other institution... at that point the student would ask to have an updated transcript sent from that College to Buffalo State College showing the degree as verified.

Questions or concerns regarding how this applies to you can be answered by asking your academic advisor, the admissions office or by emailing

My Degree Navigator is Wrong

It is important to remember that Degree Navigator is a computer software program, not an individual.  If there is incorrect information in Degree Navigator for you personally, it is most likely because the information in the computer is incomplete or simply inaccurate. 

Simple errors can easily be corrected.  Errors as a result of a student not following their degree program as specified in the college catalog for the year the major was declared should be addressed with the student's advisor.  Usually it is as simple as filing a course substitution form. 

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Registrar's Office by emailing, or stop by our offices in Moot Hall Room 210.  The email is monitored daily.

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