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Withdrawal from Course Deadlines by Semester:

  • Fall 2014 - October 31, 2014
  • J-Term 2015 - January 16, 2015
  • Spring 2015 - April 3, 2015

Should I Leave a Course by Submitting a Withdrawal from Course?

  • Instructors are required to notify students of their academic standing no later than the end of the ninth week of the semester, or after two-thirds of a summer session or J-Term.
  • Before you withdraw, make sure you are following these important steps to get the most out of your education: 

             1.  Note of Caution! Before withdrawing from a course, careful thought should be given to the reasons for withdrawing and possible consequences. Withdrawals can have a negative impact on both your progress toward graduation and eligibility for financial aid. Withdrawal from Course should be used infrequently and considered an action of last resort. It is to your advantage to read the instructions below before withdrawing.

             2.  It is always a good idea and courtesy to discuss your decision to withdraw with your instructor.

             3.  Withdrawals resulting in enrollment for less than 12 hours may affect financial aid and scholarships. Check with the Financial Aid Office, Moot Hall 230, if you are not certain. View financial aid information on the web at 

             4.  Check with your academic advisor (and EOP advisor for EOP students) for possible impact on your time of graduation.

             5.  Withdrawals count against the credit limit for financial aid awards, so if you are on academic probation, or repeating course, check with the FInancial Aid office before taking action.

             6.  If you are having problems, there is help available.

  • Resources available on campus:

             1. Academic Skills Center (878-4041) is located in South Wing 330 and provides individual tutoring and workshops in academic skills.

             2. Weigel Health Center (878-6711) provides assistance for health related issues.

             3. Counseling Center (878-4436) is located in Weigel 219 and provides free counseling for personal and/or family problems. All discussions are confidential.

Online Withdrawal from Course Procedure:

  • Submit a student course withdrawal directly in Banner using Self-Service (SSB). The following HOLDS will prevent registration-related activity including online withdrawal from course:  Academic Advising hold, Bursar hold, Financial Aid hold, Library hold, Parking hold, and Weigel hold. If you have a hold on your account that prevents you from processing an online withdrawal from course, please print, complete, and return a Request to Withdraw from a Course Due to a Hold Form to the Registrar's Office no later than the established withdrawal from course deadline.
  • Go to Add or Drop Classes screen.
  • Click on the Action drop-down menu for the CRN (course reference number) you want to select or withdraw from.
  • Select Student Course Withdrawal and click on Submit Changes.
  • Before you Submit Changes, be sure to double-check that this is the course/CRN you want to withdraw from. WARNING! Withdrawal from course is final once entered. You cannot make a change after the action has been saved.
  • Once you have submitted your change, double-check your schedule to be sure the change submitted was successful.
  • If the change you submitted was successful, you will see the statement "Student Course Withdrawal on month-day-year" (for example:  Student Course Withdrawal on Jan 13, 2011) under the status of the CRN.
  • Print & save a copy of the confirmation screen.

If you prefer instructions with screenshots, go to the Banner homepage at and under the heading Banner Tutorials and Information for Students click on the How to Withdraw from Course link.

Important FAQ's to review PRIOR to attempting an online withdrawal from course in Banner (PDF) or you can view these directly from the Banner Help for Student webpage at