Academic Levels (Class Level)

Students are given class designations according to the number of credit hours they have earned (Buffalo State + transfer). Undergraduate levels are:

Freshmen          0 to 29 credit hours

Sophomores     30 to 59 credit hours

Juniors              60 to 89 credit hours

Seniors             90 or more credit hours


Timetickets are determined by total credit EARNED. Credits are only EARNED when they have received a passing grade.

Your current semester's registered credit hours do not count toward completed, or EARNED credit hours in determining your timeticket assignment. Courses in progress are ATTEMPTED credits, and when you complete all successfully, only at that time they will be earned. There is no guarantee that all credits being ATTEMPTED will be passes and become EARNED credits.

All students are treated the same. No credits in progress, or being attempted, are able to be counted as credits earned for anyone.

College policy states that your class level is based on the credits you have earned.