The following tips we have found to be helpful while meeting with a student.

  • Obtain a printout copy of your General Education Requirements
  • Know what degree version your student is getting applied against.  Degree Works places students under the catalog version of their earliest term at BSC.  
  • Print and view your students transcript right away.  The transcript lists all courses that your student has taken at BSC or has had transferred over from other institutions, before the rules and logic of Degree Works kicks in.    Look for multiple instances of the same coursecode, and understand why it is appearing more than once. If you observe a transfer course sharing the same translation as a BSC course your student has already taken at Buffalo State you might want to direct your student to the Admissions Department to have that transfer credit re-evaluated.     
  • Ask your student if all of their high school or other college coursework is appearing in Degree Works.  A good portion of the problems/or questions sent to the email account are easily rectified by your student requesting a high school transcript get sent to the admissions department, or an updated transcript from their former Institution. 
  • Be aware of the special codes that appear next your students coursework and understand their meaning.
  • View the notes at the bottom of the Audit Sheet. This is how Admissions communicates with your student on important paperwork they might still need. Assure through these notes that the Admissions team is not still waiting for any transcripts from your students high School or Transfer college.
  • Compare your students overall GPA in Banner to that in Degree Works. Discrepencies with this would also indicated a difference in data that should be researched.
  • Any Questions/ Comments can be directed to