Western New York Consortium Participants:

Western New York Consortium of Registrar's Cross Registration Calendar (Fall 2014). This link offers detailed information about each participating college including their policy & procedures and deadlines.

Eligibility Criteria: Must be a full-time, matriculated, undergraduate-level student.

Student Guidelines:

  • Student is cross-registering at one of the private colleges listed above that participates in the WNY Consortium agreement.
  • Students must abide by the rules and regulations and deadlines of the college where he/she cross registers.
  • Student may cross register only for the approved course that is listed on your form. One course limit per semester (fall and spring).
  • Students must continue as full time students at their home college during the semester in which they cross register in order to be eligible to receive credit through the cross registration program. A student who drops below full time status will forfeit any credits earned at the host college.
  • Students may register for undergraduate courses only.
  • Student may not register for Independent Study.
  • Credit hours and final grade count toward cumulative average.
  • There is no cross-registration program during J-Term or Summer.
  • Grades will be forwarded to the home college.
  • Form available (Western New York Consortium Undergraduate Cross Registration Request Form) in the lobby at the Registrar's Office, Moot Hall 210.