Waitlisting is a feature in Banner that allows you to get "in line" for courses that have filled or closed. This automated process notifies you via your Buffalo State Gmail, when a spot has opened up and it is now your turn to register for the class.

How Do You Know If A Course Has A Waitlist Option?

  • Log into self-service (SSB) Banner and select Search for Classes.
  • If you see numbers below the column listed as WL Cap (Waitlist Capacity), WL Act (Waitlist Acutal), and WL Rem (Waitlist Remaining), this means there is a Waitlist on the section. Instructors have the option of using a Waitlist, but are not required to.

Example:  CRN#### shows:

  • WL Cap = 5 - This means there is a maximum of 5 seats available for waitlisting.
  • WL Act = 2 - This means there are two students currently on the waitlist for this section.
  • WL Rem = 3 - This means there are 3 seats still available for waitlisting.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you put yourself on a waitlist, you must check your Buffalo State Gmail every day or you might lose your spot! For even faster notification, consider forwarding your Gmail to your phone as an SMS text message.

Additional Information (PDF's) are available online:

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