The Buffalo State College Residence Halls Network is jointly managed by the Residence Life Office and the Computing and Technology Services department, and provides 24-hour broadband access to the Internet and to campus network services.  Each room in the residence halls is equipped with a high-speed Internet connection for you to use to do research, register for courses, and communicate with faculty, family, and friends.

Buffalo State also provides some computer support as an extra service to students. The Residential Computing Assistants provide some computer support to students living in the residence halls.  These services are limited, and we expect that you follow all instructions in our documentation, making a concerted effort to remedy your PC problems yourself before calling the ResNet office.

Problems dealing with Buffalo State network accounts must be referred to Computing Services Help Desk, who provide and support all Buffalo State account services.

In addition to the computer labs available in each academic department and in the Butler Library, Residence Life provides a lab in some residence hall for convenient access to a networked computer.  In the event that the computer in your room stops functioning or there is a problem with your ResNet connection, bear in mind that these labs are available for your use.

Buffalo State College has a strong commitment to preparing its graduates for the technology-based future.  Students aren't required to bring a computer to Buffalo State, but an ever-growing number choose to have a computer available for their personal use.  ResNet helps students living on campus take full advantage of the resources available via their computer.


ResNet Internet access is for Academic Purposes only. If you have any questions about our requirements or about ResNet please give us a call at 716-878-3358.