There are some minimum requirements that your computer must meet in order to use ResNet.  Additionally, we require that you use residence hall Ethernet connections appropriately.
For a full list of minimum requirements , please visit Connecting to ResNet. Below are the important guidelines that you need to follow in order to connect to the network.

  • All students are expected to learn basic computer maintenance procedures, like removing viruses and spyware and installing Windows updates. If your computer becomes infected with a virus or spyware, your network access could be denied until the problem is resolved.
  • College network resources may not be used to defame, harass, intimidate, or threaten any other person(s). College harassment policies cover all uses of ResNet, including e-mail correspondence and newsgroups.
  • No commercial activity is allowed.
  • Students are not allowed to install their own routers (Wireless o Wired) in Halls.
  • Limit excessive ( higher than typical student usage) use of bandwidth. We do not limit your bandwith use, but excessive usage could negetively impact the online service for you and other students on campus.
  • You must respect copyright: laws, no pirating of software, movies or music. Please visit RIAA and Motion Picture Association of America web site for more information on sharing copyrighted meterials over the internet.
  • Respect the privacy and security of others.
  • Students found to be in violation of these policies may have their ResNet connections terminated without notice.

We welcome your questions and comments regarding ResNet and technology on campus!  Visit us in the Residence Life Office on the first floor of Porter Hall, or email