Diversity Housing

The Diversity Housing Unit was created by students who wanted to help educate themselves and others about diversity issues on campus and around the world.  Diversity Suite residents must be approved prior to occupancy.  Contact Gail Wells in Student Life at 878-4631 for more information.

Honors Housing

The All-College Honors program provides special privileges and challenges to committed students with a record of academic achievement.  Students who are accepted into the program benefit from unique honors seminars, activities, and from one another's scholarship.  Honors students are given access to a special, luxurious lounge in which they can cook, surf the Web, and study.

Learning Communities

A Learning Community is a group of full-time first-year students who take the same classes for their first semester.  Each community centers around a common theme, such as the American experience, diversity, twentieth-century history, or specialized international issues.  Members of each community become a support network, a study team, a social club - in short, friends.  For more information, visit the Learning Communities website.