Complex Directors, under the direct supervision of Michael Heflin, manage the Resident Assistants and are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the residence halls.  We are very proud of our friendly and professional Complex Director staff - many of whom stayed with us following the completion of their studies in Buffalo State's renowned Student Personnel Administration program!


Roselyn Cabrera – Complex Director
Porter Hall
Office Number: 1-716-878-5806


LaTia Sinclair – Complex Director

Cassety Hall, NorthWing and Off Site (Canisius)
Office Number: 1-716-878-6373



Brian Dubenion
Assistant Director of Student Success
Office Number: 1-716-878-3696


Frederick Gilbert – Complex Director

Moore Complex and Tower 2
Office Number: 1-716-878-3809


Mary Toll

Student Apartment Complex
Office Number: 1-716-878-5355


Freddy Sanchez – Complex Director

Perry and Neumann Hall Complex
Office Number: 1-716-878-3546



Tower 3 and Tower 4
Office Number: 1-716-878-3544