Going away to college is often the first step in your student’s life toward becoming independent.  It can be hard to watch them struggle and make mistakes without stepping in to help.  There are many ways that you can help your student while encouraging independence and self sufficiency.  Here are some of our suggestions:

Who can my student talk to in their residence hall?
Your student has a Complex Director (CD) or Resident Director (RD) that serves as the administrator of the building. They have daily office hours Monday-Friday and are available by appointment if the office hours do not fit into your student’s schedule. If your student has any concerns about the residence hall or needs to ask questions or to talk, they can speak to our friendly and knowledgeable professional staff members.

Who can my student talk to on campus?
There are many other services that your student can take advantage of if they have an issue or concern.

Counseling Services

Weigel Health Center

Career Development Center

Student Life

Financial Aid


Where does my student receive important information?
All College correspondences occur via their Buffalo State e-mail account and through their on-campus mailbox.  Please encourage your student to check all these on a daily basis to receive important information regarding Financial Aid, important dates, and deadlines.

What if my student is not getting along with their roommate? Can they request a room change?

  • In the first few weeks of the semester, your student will fill out a Roommate Agreement Form with their roommate.  This is a time where they can talk to their roommate about study and sleep habits, guests, and sharing items.  Please encourage your student to be as honest as possible with their roommate.
  • If a conflict arises between your student and their roommate, encourage them to talk to their roommate about the concern because many times the roommate isn’t even aware that they are doing something that is a concern!
  • If the conflict continues, encourage your student to first seek out the Paraprofessional (FYM, RA, AA) in their community.  Your student’s paraprofessional is trained in conflict-mediation and will set up a time to meet with your student and their roommate to talk through the concern and reach a compromise.
  • Encourage your student to keep their paraprofessional apprised to the situation.Room changes as a result of roommate conflict are not common.  Please encourage your student to keep an open mind through the mediation process and to remember that they need to be flexible and willing to compromise too.

My student would like furniture added/removed from their room or they are having other maintenance problems (no heat, leaking plumbing, no power to electrical outlets, blown light bulb). What can they do?
They can submit a Work Request or ask their paraprofessional for assistance.If the problem needs immediate attention, your student should find any paraprofessional or theprofessional staff member in charge of the building.  The staff member will call in the work request to be fixed immediately.