All residence halls are equipped with security cameras at all ground floor entry and exit locations.  

All residence halls ground floor entry and exit doors are equipped with an electronic door alarm monitoring system.  The system is monitored by the University Police Department.  An alarm will sound anytime a door is held open, propped, or forcibly opened.  University Police personnel will respond to any alarm event.  

University Police Safety Aids (UPSAs) provide coverage at each of the residence hall front desks between the hours of midnight and 4:00 am, seven days per week within Neumann, Perry, and Porter Halls.  During these times all residents must sign in all guests visiting their respective buildings and show identification for their particular residence hall. 

All student entrance doors are equipped with an electronic proximity key system.  Proximity keys are computer programmed to allow access only during authorized periods of occupancy.  All access to the residence halls during break periods will be denied unless a resident is authorized to remain and occupy a room.

Emergency blue light phones are located throughout the campus.  Immediate access to the University Police Department can be made via the blue light telephones. 

All residence halls are equipped with smoke and fire detection systems.  The Buffalo Fire Department and the University Police Department respond to any fire alarm detected throughout the campus.