The 2013 Summer Sessions run throughout the majority of the summer beginning May 20th and ending August 9th. If you are interested in taking summer courses you should register for them as soon as possible. Summer housing is an option you can also take. Current STAC and Moore residents will be allowed to reside in STAC or Moore Complex, but may be reassigned to a different apartment within the building, as long as they are registered for Session A and/or all of the following sessions.  You cannot stay in your current assignment if you are not registered for Session A but only B and/or C.  All other room assignments will be in North Wing and will be double occupancy. You can pick up a summer housing application at the Residence Life Office located in Porter Hall.

The weekly rates for the apartments are as follows:  MC single - $275* per week; MC double -$232* per week; STAC single - $300 per week.

Pre-Session (May 19– May 25) Approx. Cost: $412*

Session A (May 28 - June 21) Approx. Cost: $824*

Session B (June 24 – July 19) Approx. Cost: $824*

Session C (July 22 – August 09) Approx. Cost: $618*

Post-Session (August 10- August 24; start of Fall 2013 semester) Approx. Cost: $412*

*The 2013 Summer Room Rates have yet to be determined. The listed rates are subject to change.

Listed below are the available three summer meal plans.  It is possible to build your own plan by adding Dining Dollars or Bengal Bucks in any amount. Minimum purchase is $25.
# of Sessions    Dining Dollars    Bengal Bucks    Plan Cost
1 Session          $350                  0                        $350
2 Sessions         $700                  0                        $700
3 Sessions         $1100                0                        $1100