Local Student Housing Requests FAQ’s

Why I was not offered housing?

SUNY Buffalo State has seen a significant increase in first year student enrollment for the upcoming academic year.  As a result, there is also an increase in the demand for on-campus housing for first year students.   Students who live outside a 35 miles radius of the campus are also required to reside on campus.

In addition, one residence hall is currently off-line for renovation during the 2014/2015 academic year; coupled with an increase in demand from returning students desiring on-campus housing.

As such we must house out of area students and returning students before we can accommodate local students.

Are there any exceptions?

We will review extenuating circumstances on a case by case basis for any local student who still seeks on campus housing.  We ask that you submit your request in writing detailing the nature of your special circumstances and submit it to  We will try to accommodate you if we can.  Please understand we will not be able to accommodate all such requests. Priority will be determined by the nature of individuals’ requests on a first come first served basis.  If you are assigned to a space on campus you will be placed in a three person room.  All local students will be assigned to three person rooms.

Can I be “wait” listed?

All local students who have requested housing will be wait listed.  The Housing Office will contact you in the event space becomes available.  Your place on the wait list will be based on the date we received your Housing application.

I already paid my housing deposit, how do I get my money refunded?

All housing deposits from local students will be refunded automatically.

Do I need to cancel my meal plan?

Your meal plan will be cancelled.  However, you may want to contact the Dining Services Office to have some declining balance funds loaded onto your ID card.  They can be contacted at (716) 878-5214.

Will this affect my financial aid?

You should review your financial aid package with the Financial Aid Office. They have been notified you will not receive a housing assignment at this time.  They can be contacted at (716) 878-4902.

What about transportation?

All SUNY Buffalo State undergraduate students receive a NFTA Metro Bus Pass. This pass provides access to the local public transportation at no additional charge.