Testimonials from SBDC clients:

"Prompt, courteous and positive support to our business problems. We renewed our efforts and business has improved."

"We have many challenges now and advisor has been a great help. I hand his cards out to several small business people."

"My advisor was extremely helpful to me in obtaining angel financing. She was always there to answer my many questions."

"I'm very happy with our advisor and was especially impressed that she attended our open house on our first day of business."

"Great program! I also used SBDC's services 10 years ago and it was very helpful back then as well. Keep up the good work."

"Advisor has an excellent business mind; I look forward to working with him in the near future."

"Very knowledgeable counselor. My business light now shines a bit more brightly."

"Advisor instilled confidence in me to pursue my business endeavor as well as following up to see continued success."

"Advisor has excellent knowledge of local small business community, and is very well known to bankers that serve the area."