Buffalo State offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for current, newly accepted first-year, and transfer students. These scholarships are based on specific criteria which includes; academic merit, financial need, field of study, or a combination of criteria. Scholarship funding is made possible through donations from alumni and friends of the college who value a Buffalo State education.  Below are a few tips to get started and to the left are pages to begin exploring!  Best wishes in your search.

Buffalo State is also a proud partner with Buffalo Say Yes to Education.

Tips to Get Started

  • Start Early:  Students are encouraged to begin thinking about scholarships early in high school.
    • For example, if you know the requirements for a merit-based scholarship require a 90 GPA, you can work to achieve that in high school.
    • Many scholarships must be submitted in advance so students should begin the process in their junior year of high school.
    • Even if a deadline is missed, students are encouraged to add a reminder to their email or calendar to apply the following year.

  • Start Local: beginning the search for scholarships can be overwhelming. To help manage this, start your search locally. Consider the following local places to begin:
    • Your high school - check with your guidance counselor
    • Employers - Check with your and/or your parents’ employers to see if they offer scholarships. You might even consider a part-time job where you know scholarships are offered.
    • Religious Groups - many religious organizations offer scholarships to its members.
    • Community Foundations - these organizations exists to help give away money (e.g. scholarships) in local communities.

  • Go National: Once you have explored your local options, go national! Sign up for a scholarships matching database which will match your profile to millions of scholarships. A few reputable scholarships databases include
  • Check Back Often:  Students should bookmark scholarship webpages and check back frequently to see if new applications have been posted. This is particularly true for Buffalo State’s Campus Scholarships. New scholarships are posted periodically throughout the year but the student needs to actively seek these opportunities!

  • Keep Trying:  Students should not be discouraged if they are not selected their first attempts.  Keep trying - there are many opportunities!

New:  The Say Yes Buffalo Tuition Scholarship (Effective Fall 2013)

Say Yes to Education has partnered with 20 colleges and universities in Western New York aimed at making higher education a reality for Buffalo public and charter school students. Say Yes promises that eligible students enrolling at a Say Yes participating college will receive a grant to cover tuition, after all federal, state, and institutional grants and scholarship are applied.

Buffalo State is a proud participating college whose core value is to provide access to quality public higher education. Say Yes and Buffalo State both strive to inspire lifelong learning and to enhance and invest in the Buffalo community. Learn more.


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