Giving is Golden

2014 SEFA/United Way Campaign Committee

Michael LeVine, Vice President, Finance & Management - 2014 Campaign Chair
Margaret Shaw-Burnett - 2014 Campaign Coordinator
Sean Connors - Assistant Campaign Coordinator
Melissa Slisz - President's Office
Carolyn Martino - Academic Affairs
Laura Rao - Student Affairs
Lori Mabry - Finance & Management
Tracey Anderson- Institutional Advancement
TBA - Chief Information Officer
Allison Winkowski  - School of Education
Carolyn Fusco - School of Arts & Humanities
Kelly Boos - School of Natural & Social Sciences
Megan Keogh - School of Professions
Margaret Letzelter - The Graduate School
TBA  - University College
Earl Morris - CSEA
Richard A. Stempniak - UUP
Steven Cahoon - NYS Police Benevolent Association (BPA)
Donna Scuto - Research Foundation
Susan Maerz - Research Foundation