There are two tuition and fees payment plans utilized by NSE.

  • Under Plan A, you pay the in-state (resident) tuition and fees to your host cam­pus.
  • Under Plan B, you pay your normal tuition and fees to Buffalo State.

On both tuition payment plans, fees which are assessed as a condition of enrollment (e.g., laboratory courses, general service, computer, technology, art and photography supplies) are paid to your host campus.

Room and meal costs are always paid to your host campus. You are responsible for transportation, personal expenses, and sightseeing opportunities while on exchange.

Financial Aid

Buffalo State students who are eligible for financial aid list only Buffalo State FAFSA code when applying for aid.  Financial aid for eligible students will be awarded by and disbursed from Buffalo State whether you pay tuition and fees to Buffalo State or to your host campus.  (That is an exception to NSE policy).