The Visiting Student Program allows students enrolled at Buffalo State to enroll at other institutions for up to one year without formally transferring.  It is most commonly used to access campuses in New York State.  As a visiting student, the work completed at the host campus will be credited toward the degree program at Buffalo State  and will show on the transcript as transfer credit.  Only federally funded financial aid will be available from Buffalo State for the time of study at the host campus.   All other aid would come from the host campus. A Consortium Agreement must be completed with the financial aid office of the participating campus before you can receive any aid.  Seniors are able to participate in the program. 

Using the Visiting Student Program, students can participate in the 3-in-1 program at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).  This allows seniors to be attending FIT and graduate with an Associate's degree from FIT in addition to graduating from Buffalo State.  Credits return to Buffalo State as transfer credits. 

Eligible students will access financial aid for their time away through Buffalo State using the campus FAFSA code.  New York State TAP may have to be accessed from the host campus.  The Buffalo State financial aid office will need to be consulted for details on that process. 

The application is available in SW 420 and will be processed by the Office of Special Programs.  The form will require basic biographic data, how proposed courses will fit into the academic program and signed approval for those courses.  Students must have at least a 2.5 GPA to qualify.  Students will remain degree-seeking students at Buffalo State while studying at the host campus.