The mission of Buffalo State College teacher education programs is to prepare knowledgeable and skilled educators who are ommitted to ensuring that all students achieve their greatest intellectual, emotional, and physical potential.


Core Values Among Teacher Education Faculty:

The teacher education faculty believes that the optimal environment for teacher preparation is one in which college-based and school-based teacher educators collaborate closely on mutually identified and mutually beneficial outcomes designed to improve both the college and school settings.

The teacher education faculty both recognizes and celebrates the diversity which characterizes American educational institutions; furthermore, the faculty is unequivocally committed to preparing educators whose attitudes and professional expertise advance diversity and the diversification of American democratic society.

The teacher education faculty is committed to the following fundamental premises: (1) that all students can learn; (2) that all students have a right to learn to their greatest potential; and (3) that all students are entitled to an educational environment where teaching and learning are the most valued of all activities.

Learn From The Best 

Buffalo State College has a superb teaching faculty who are:
• Dedicated teachers
• Nationally renowned scholars who bring the latest research to the classroom
• Degreed professionals, not teaching assistants
• Among the best in SUNY—49 have received the prestigious Chancellor’s Award for Excellence

Teach With The Best 

Buffalo State College has a distinguished 130-year history of preparing teachers, and offers a variety of teacher preparation programs that lead to New York state teaching certificates at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Housing the largest teacher preparation program in the region, the college currently sends more graduates into public education teaching positions than any other SUNY campus.  Buffalo State has been accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) longer than any other SUNY college. Graduates of our education programs teach in many fields and are sought for teaching positions throughout the United States. For a complete listing of teacher education programs, see the next panel of this folder.

Have Access to Resources that Only an Urban Area Can Provide

Teacher education programs work closely with schools in Buffalo and the surrounding communities in order to provide teacher education majors with professional development opportunities to enhance their preparation to teach diverse students in high need areas. Buffalo State is the only SUNY campus in a major metropolitan area, offering exceptional educational, cultural and recreational opportunities.