Students interested in teaching science at the secondary (grades 7-12) school level should initially enroll in the B.A. program in the appropriate science content area (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science or Physics). All future science teachers start out as content majors when first admitted to the college; after successfully completing at least two required science content courses, students then apply for admission to the science secondary education program.

Once accepted in to the science secondary education program, students can choose a program that leads to teaching certification in grades 7-12 or they can take two more courses and earn an extension for teaching grades 5-6.  

To help you make important decisions about your program, you will always have two advisers as a secondary science education major – one faculty member from your major content area and a second faculty member from science education. This insures that you are given the best information in your content area as well as the teaching profession.  We encourage frequent contact with your advisers as well as other faculty members. We are here to help.

The first step is to apply for admissions to Buffalo State College.  Information can be found at: