Welcome Transfer Students!

Finding your way along the twists and turns that often accompany your path to fulfill your career goals can be challenging.  So, maybe you. . .

Have taken some science courses and have realized that you would like to explore a career as a science teacher?


Have life experiences that have caused to understand that science teaching is what you would like to do.


Have spent time in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) career and now are thinking of a life change. 

Either way, we welcome you and would like to help you to understand what teaching science involves and what you have to do to get there.  

The first step?   A transcript review by an experienced science educator,  Dr. Joseph Zawicki. You may email him for an appointment at

Since each person has a unique set of circumstances with a different set of completed coursework, Dr. Zawicki will sit down with you and develop an individual plan to fulfill your goal to become a science teacher.     Please call or email today to become one step closer to a career as a science teacher!