Determining strategic directions is at the heart of the strategic planning process. Through strategic directions, we commit Buffalo State to a long-term course of action. This course will offer opportunities as well as challenges as we strive to fulfill our mission and, ultimately, realize our vision.

Strategic directions, while necessary, are not alone sufficient. We also must develop effective programs, projects, and plans—initiatives—that bring action to the strategies and ultimately create value for Buffalo State's faculty, staff, students, and stakeholders.

It is through these initiatives that we will implement our strategic plan. The implementation process will be both the vehicle that moves us toward our vision and the indicator of our progress and successes. The implementation will be a learning process; this will lead to more effective strategies, better approaches, new directions, and meaningful action steps in our efforts to transform students' lives.

The action steps will be carried out through the collaborative efforts of faculty and staff. Senior-level administrators will assume leadership responsibility for each action step.