This strategic plan will guide the growth and development of Buffalo State College over the next five years. As this institution aspires to become a nationally recognized leader in public higher education, our strategic plan will provide focus and direction for our efforts. Building on our vision, mission, and core values, the plan incorporates information and ideas contributed by many members of our academic community, as well as from stakeholders beyond our campus borders. The plan considers internal and external environmental factors that most affect our ability to achieve our mission. Finally, the plan describes five strategic directions and the related initiatives and action steps that will move us forward.

As always, our students and their development as individuals are at the heart of our endeavors. In that context, the plan advances ideas for strategic investments in the strength and distinctiveness of educational programs and in the advancement of scholarship and creative activity at Buffalo State. The plan further articulates ways to enhance our reputation as a regional leader and align us ever more closely with our community.

It is important, as we proceed, to remind ourselves that the strategic plan is a living document that will be reviewed periodically to determine our progress toward our goals and the appropriateness of our direction as the institution evolves. The College Planning Council will remain in place to assist in guiding that process.

I thank the many participants from our faculty, staff, students, and external community for their work in preparing this document. We are proud of the great history of Buffalo State and of the role this institution plays in our city and region. With this plan as our guide, we will now go forward to embrace Buffalo State's future with renewed confidence and a strengthened sense of purpose.


Muriel A. Howard, Ph.D.