Executive Summary

Buffalo State College aspires to be a nationally recognized leader in public higher education. This strategic plan provides direction for our efforts to advance our reputation as one of the best regional comprehensive public colleges in the country.

The strategic planning process, guided by the advisory College Planning Council (CPC), was designed to be inclusive, highly participative, and open and respectful of existing governance systems.

Download the complete strategic plan (pdf, 460kb)

The plan includes the following major sections:

Purpose and planning describe the strategic plan's objective, its development process, the assumptions behind it, and internal and environmental factors that most affect its feasibility.

Governing ideas describes the college's vision, mission, and core values, as well as constituent and task force findings.

Strategic directions, initiatives, and action steps describes proposed means to accomplish the plan. This section outlines five strategic directions, related initiatives, and action steps that will move the college to the next level of academic excellence. The action steps will be carried out through the collaborative efforts of faculty and staff. Senior-level administrators will assume leadership responsibility for each action step.

Operational plans and priorities describes existing and developing operational plans that must coordinate with the larger strategic plan. This section describes how operational priorities were identified and will be addressed.

The five strategic directions, related initiatives, and action steps reflect the belief that our mission can best be accomplished through the integration of teaching, scholarship, and service. We believe that quality learning requires a combination of in-class and out-of-class experiences, theory and practice, and general education and professional training, using both new technology and traditional methods. We intend to build on established strengths and distinctive characteristics to create a competitive advantage for the college.

The five strategic directions are:

Quality Learning Experiences
Buffalo State will engage students in rigorous learning experiences, both in and out of the classroom, that heighten their aspirations and transform their lives.

Research, Scholarship, and Creativity
Buffalo State will support and expand opportunities for research, scholarship, and creative expression.

Regional Leadership and Service
Buffalo State will position itself as a leading educational, economic, and cultural partner, contributing to the vitality of the region.

Academic and Institutional Distinctiveness
Buffalo State will develop initiatives to support programs and activities that distinguish the college.

Institutional Leadership, Governance, and Responsiveness
Buffalo State will empower leadership at all levels, promote representative and inclusive governance, and provide superior services to the campus community.

These goals will be accomplished through:

  • Increased focus on students as learners and their development.
  • Strategic investments in the size, quality, and professional development of faculty and staff.
  • Strengthened graduate education and greater support for scholarship and creative activity.
  • An enhanced learning environment.
  • Improved organizational effectiveness and strengthened academic programs through streamlined processes and outcomes assessment.
  • Leadership at all organizational levels.
  • New and strengthened partnerships and collaborations that leverage resources, support our mission and our community, and enhance our reputation.
  • Enhancement of acknowledged strengths and investment in areas of greatest potential.
  • Alignment of policies, procedures, and reward systems.

The strategic plan is a fluid document that will be reviewed periodically to determine progress toward stated goals. The CPC will remain in place to assist in guiding the progress.