Committees and task forces are required to prepare final reports for the College Planning Council. Once accepted by the CPC, final reports are made available for the campus and broader community. In addition, progress reports that summarize all CPC activities will be available each semester.

Spring 2006 Report (pdf, 38kb)

Strategic Plan 2003-2008 Briefing Session: Spring 2006 (ppt, 193kb)

Mission II Review 2005-2010 (pdf, 192kb)

Pursuing Institutional Distinctiveness (pdf, 28kb)

Planning Assessment Report (pdf, 52kb)

Academic Advisement Committee

Academic and Institutional Distinctiveness Task Force
Final Report (pdf, 30kb)
Concept Paper (pdf, 13kb)

Academic Programs and Departments (pdf, 42kb)
Administrative and Support Units (pdf, 36kb)

Graduate Studies Strategic Plan
Final Report (pdf, 44kb)

Business and Economic Development Task Force
Final Report (pdf, 71kb)

Image and Marketing Task Force
Final Report (pdf, 72kb)

Academic Skillbuilding

Leadership Development for Program Managers
Final Report (pdf, 15kb)
Appendix A: Manager Competencies (pdf, 21kb)
Appendix B: Development for Middle-Managers (pdf, 8kb)
Appendix C: Middle-Managers Interview Summary (pdf, 3kb)
Appendix D: Summary (pdf, 8kb)

Leadership Development for Professionals
Final Report (pdf, 30kb)
Appendix A: Leadership Statement (pdf, 9kb)
Appendix B: Feedback Guide (pdf, 13kb)
Appendix C: Focus Group Themes (pdf, 15kb)

Leadership Development for Department Chairs
Final Report (pdf, 42kb)
Appendix A: Review of Departmental By-Laws (pdf, 8kb)
Appendix B: Chairs Profile Survey Results (pdf, 20kb)
Appendix C: Chairs Profile (pdf, 4kb)
Appendix D: Undergraduate Academic Departments Profile (pdf, 4kb)

Final Report (pdf, 38kb)

Enhancing Shared Governance Task Force
Final Report (pdf, 76kb)

Parking and Transportation Task Force
Final Report (pdf, 31kb)