A College Planning Council (CPC) was originally appointed by former president, Muriel A. Howard, to guide the planning and implementation of the 2003-2008 strategic plan. The CPC includes faculty, staff, student, and administrative representatives. It was charged with drafting key elements of the plan (the strategic directions, initiatives, and action steps) and ways to evaluate successful implementation.

The CPC worked collaboratively with other stakeholders to develop the most recent strategic plan (2009-2013 Strategic Plan) and continued as the primary monitoring and advisory entity for this plan.

The CPC advises and assists in the development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the college’s strategic plan.  Approximately 50 member of the campus community, representing all constituencies, receives CPC appointments in order to guide and support SUNY Buffalo State's Strategic Plan 2009-2013. Some CPC members have five-year appointments, while others serve during the time a particular campus position is held.  It is expected that CPC will hold a few two-hour meetings each semester.  Expectations of CPC are to:

  • Advise on strategy and methodology for successful implementation of the strategic plan.
  • Monitor plan implementation, periodically review all strategic plan initiatives, and adopt annual progress report.
  • Establish protocols to communicate strategic plan status and progress to the campus community;  serve as primary source of strategic plan information and feedback  to the campus; plan and hold stakeholders forums.
  • Establish a standing committee (Budget Committee; Resource Investments Committee) as a subgroup of CPC to link strategic planning and budgeting and to receive/review and make recommendations on funding of strategic plan initiatives (members of this committee will develop in-depth understanding of budgeting processes).
  • Establish a standing committee (Dashboard Committee; Institutional Effectiveness Committee) as a subgroup of CPC to refine and monitor key performance indicators and to create a dashboard readily available to the campus community for the purpose of monitoring strategic plan success and to support institutional decision-making.
  • Establish ad-hoc committees as needed to support CPC and implementation of the strategic plan (such as strategies to advance the level of academic challenge; means to strengthen the college’s role in economic/workforce development; how to implement specific initiatives).
  • Link strategic planning with Buffalo State’s decennial self-study and site visit for Middle States Association in 2012/2013.
  • Implement processes to develop and adopt the next strategic plan (SUNY Buffalo State Strategic  Plan 2014-2018).

Advisory council to the president.

Meeting schedule
Twice each semester, as work plan requires.

President or provost as proxy.

CPC Leadership
Howard Cohen, Interim President
Dennis Ponton, Provost