The following list is a compendium of policies and procedures governing student life at Buffalo State.  Additional policies governing academic requirements for undergraduate students are contained in the college’s undergraduate catalog.  The college reserves the right to change any regulations affecting students.  Each student is expected to have knowledge of the information contained in the student handbook, the college catalog, and in other college publications.

Affirmation of the Code of Conduct (.doc, 28kb)
Buffalo State College Code of Student Rights, Freedoms, and Responsibillities (.pdf, 181kb)
Academic Grievance Procedures for Students
Academic Misconduct Policy

Alcoholic Beverages Policy (.doc, 26kb)
Annual Security Report
Bias Crime Prevention

Campus Safety Forum (.doc, 24kb)
Class Attendance
Controlled Substance Policy
Crime Statistics Availability
Criminal Activity at Off-Campus Student Locations

Criminal Incidents and Other Emergencies:Reporting Procedures
Directory of Policy Statements - DOPS
Discrimination and Harrassment Policy
Emergency Closing Policy and Procedure
Emergency Communication
Federal Trafficking Penalties                                                                                                                     Greek Organizations: Recognition and Governance Policies (.doc, 39kb)
Hazing Policy (.doc, 26kb)
Investigation of Violent Felony Offenses/Missing Students
Maintenance of Public Order
Parental Notification Policy (.doc, 23kb)
Persons with Disabilities Policy (.doc, 26kb)
Public Information/Directors Information Policy (.doc, 26kb)
Religious Observation Policy
Residence Life Policies and Services (.doc, 113kb)
Sexual Assault Policy and Prevention
Sexual Harrassment Policy
Sexual Orientation Policy
Sexual and Amorous Relations Policy

Smoking Policy
Student E-Mail Policy (.doc, 28kb)
Student Health Insurance (.doc, 24kb)
Voter Registration Procedure (.doc, 24kb)