Please click here for the 2012 Fall Weeks Of Welcome Schedule (W.O.W.)


Weeks of Welcome Background

Weeks Of Welcome (W.O.W.) is presented by the Student Life Office. W.O.W. offers a six week schedule of programs that consist of various enriching, and exciting activities that take place on campus, throughout the city of Buffalo, Western New York, and even Canada, and countries.

The purpose of W.O.W. is to allow students to Be Successful and Connected at Buffalo State College, by engaging in meaningful programming during the first six weeks of the academic semester. Students will use this opportunity to foster new relationships, and assume the responsibility for their own intellectual and social development. In addition, W.O.W. is designed to assist students in making a successful transition into college by embracing the academic and social experience that Buffalo State College has to offer.  Students will develop an understanding of the global nature of our society, and the interdependency of people. They will also learn to appreciate the similarities and differences that we all embody.

Weeks of Welcome begins Tuesday, August 21st and ends on Saturday, September 29th.

Weeks of Welcome on the Behalf of The Office of Student life is pleased to be a part of Buffalo State’s Year of the City. The university will celebrate its many city-based community partnerships, programs, and initiatives; develop new initiatives to involve more members of the Buffalo State community in civic engagement; and welcome residents from all parts of the metropolitan area to events and programs at Buffalo State.