About Fraternity & Sorority Life at Buffalo State:



Recognition is the formal process by which the College agrees that a social fraternity or sorority chapter may function on campus, enroll members, and identify with the college.


Provisional Recognition:

Provides recognition for up to six months in order to fulfill the requirements of the College and governing bodies for Full Recognition. Fraternities and sororities with provisional recognition may have access to facilities and equipment through the normal scheduling and reservation process for meetings and events including fund-raising programs. Attendance at meetings of appropriate governing bodies is required. i.e., IGA, Pan-Hellenic. Provisionally recognized groups do not have a voice or a vote at these meetings, participation in governance organization activities shall be by invitation.


Probationary Recognition:

Entails conditional of certain College services or benefits and/or application of specific sanctions/requirements by the College to the chapter for a specified period of time. This status may be imposed as a result of actions taken by the Greek Liaison, Campus Greek governing bodies, the College Judicial System or national/regional organizations.


Withdrawal Of Recognition:

Of recognition or other changes in recognition status may occur at any time as a result of a decline in standards as measured by failure to abide by College Policies, or violation of The Buffalo State Code of Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities for Students, federal, state or local laws.



Upon termination of recognition, all chapter operations must cease. All campus privileges and college permission for the chapter to function are revoked. Upon withdrawal of recognition, the chapter shall be ineligible to reapply for recognition for five years unless this requirement is waived by the Vice President for Student Affairs. 

Current individual members registered at the College could face campus disciplinary action for failure to comply with termination of recognition.  Should recognition be restored after Termination of Recognition, the chapter will initially be granted Provisional Recognition for one year.



Suspension is imposed for a set period of time during which all activities of the chapter are suspended and chapter privileges are revoked. This action may be taken immediately following allegations of hazing or pending investigations of incidents involving physical injury.  Failure to comply with a suspension order may result in disciplinary action against individual members who are registered students.  If recognition is restored after Suspension, the chapter will be given Provisional Recognition for one year.


Unrecognized Greek Organization:

Suny at Buffalo State does not recognize the following organizations.  As a result, the organizations below do not fall under SUNY at Buffalo State's hazing guidlines and Greek Life procedures.  If a student chooses to pledge any of the below stated organizations, then Buffalo State cannot and will not support such choices.  Engaging in these actions may potemtially endanger the student's safety and ability to hold any student life position.      


Terminated Organizations:

Phi Kappa Tau - Effective December 2011

Phi Sigma Sigma - Effective Fall 2010

Zeta Beta Tau - Effective April 2011

Lambda Upsilon Lambda - Effective May 2012


Suspended Organizations:

Sigma Alpha Mu - Effective Spring  2013

Lambda Theta Alpha - Effecitve 2013


Probationary Recognition (without recruitment privileges):