The college community is subject to state and local alcohol usage laws.  Specifically, the laws of New York State prohibit anyone under the age of 21 from purchasing alcohol.  Furthermore, it is against the law to serve an underage or intoxicated person. These guidelines are designed to recognize current law and to help the campus community apply the law as we plan and conduct programs.  Each member of the campus community must take responsibility for obeying the law.
  1. Alcoholic beverages may be sold on campus only by licensed and insured vendors as provided in these guidelines.
  2. Open alcoholic beverage containers are prohibited in all outdoor and indoor areas of the campus except as provided below. Bringing alcoholic beverages to any event is prohibited.
  3. Residence hall students who are 21 or over may consume alcoholic beverages in their living areas.  All other residence hall areas shall be alcohol free.
  4. Campus departments and sponsored campus/community groups may serve alcoholic beverages under the condition that at least one faculty or staff person shall supervise the event to insure compliance with the state and local laws and the college's alcohol guidelines. 
  5. Whenever alcoholic beverages are served, non-alcoholic beverages and food must also be available.
  6. Alcoholic beverages may be served only in conjunction with the program.  They shall not be used as the main attraction of the event.

Specific questions and comments regarding campus regulations and alcohol-related events should be addressed to  Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students at 716-878-4704.

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Individuals and/or organizations wishing to post any type of advertisement must first have it approved and dated by the Campbell Student Union Information Center.  All posting (with the exception of oversized) will  be limited to bulletin boards and pillars only.  Postings are not allowed on any wood, concrete, windows or painted surfaces.  Violations shall result in the immediate removal of the advertisement.

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  1. Advertisements and notices for college related events are limited to a maximum size of 400 square inches (20x20) each by registered student organization or campus department sponsored event.
  2. All advertisements must be dated.  All undated or unapproved posters will be removed and discarded.
  3. All advertisements are limited to ONE per pillar in the Student Union Lobby and ONE per bulletin board in the North and South corridors respectively.
  4. There may be one (1) oversized advertisement for campus events only, limited to 4ft. x 7 ft., hung in the Main Lobby of the Student Union. (A twin size bed sheet.)
    a. Only the banner hanging system can be used.  There must be a minimum clearance of seven feet from the floor to the bottom of the sign.
    b. Banners advertising alcohol related events scheduled to take place Sunday - Thursday evening (while classes are scheduled), are not permitted.
    c. Oversized advertisements will be limited to seven days.
  5. Alcohol related advertisements will:
    a. Imply responsible use of alcoholic beverages
    b. Give equal billing to alternative beverages and
    c. Indicate that proof of age is required.
  6. If the event being advertised is to take place in the Student Union, all reservations for use of space in the Student Union must be finalized before posting.

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All off campus advertising will be limited to the one large bulletin board located in the South corridor of the Student Union inside the facility and one large bulletin board facing the Butler Library outside of the facility.


These notices must be dated and may be posted for a two week period.  All undated notices will be removed and discarded.


These notices must be dated and may be posted for a two week period.  All undated notices will be removed and discarded.  These notices are only to be posted on the large bulletin board in the South corridor of the Student Union or on the outside bulletin board facing Butler Library.


These notices can be posted on the bulletin board in the south corridor of the Student Union or outside on the bulletin board facing Butler Library.  You are also encouraged to contact the Assistant Director for Commuter Student Services for information on advertising apartment and roommate vacancies on the Student Life web site.

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 Publications can only be distributed in the Student Union if they are contained in a box or rack.  Publications that are not contained will be discarded.

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POLICIES AND PROCEDURES FOR COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY IN THE BUFFALO STATE CAMPBELL STUDENT UNION (Procedures as adapted from the Buffalo State Guidelines for Commercial Activities)

Revenue generating activities by outside interests within the Student Union Building are strictly prohibited under guidelines for commercial activities established by the College.  However, under certain conditions bona fide student organizations of Buffalo State may sell commercial items and sponsor services for the exchange of revenue.  Sponsored commercial activity will occur during a specific time each semester.
All revenues generated must be used for the betterment of the student organization.  An individual may not receive personal gain.

  1. All recognized groups, organizations desiring to sponsor commercial revenue generating activities in the Student Union must secure the approval of the Coordinator of the Student Union who has been designated to act for the Vice President of Finance and Management in this capacity.
  2. All such requests shall be made in writing and shall contain, but not limited to, the following items of information:
    a. nature, purpose, and duration of the activity
    b. identification of student organization sponsor and any and all others involved in a major way in the conduct of the activity, including name, title, address, telephone number.
    c. an estimate of expenses and projection of revenues
    d. cash control procedures to be employed
    e. identification of required or desired facilities
  3. A representative of the student organization must be present at all times during the activity.
  4. The area of activity must be clearly identified with the sponsoring organizations name and purpose of the activity.
  5. All net income shall be used for the support of programs and activities of the student organization.  An individual of the sponsoring organization may not receive personal gain. 
  6. All revenue generating activities must not only comply with the Commercial Guidelines, but must also follow any applicable United Students' Government regulations, federal, state or local laws related to business operations, and meet health and safety standards. All Commercial vendors must have a copy of their New York Tax Certificate on file with the Student Life Office.   Additionally, this certificate must be on display at the vending location.
  7. Commercial vendors offering services must donate funds to the sponsoring student organization.  Hair cutting, and memberships are examples of sponsored services.
  8. The first two weeks of each semester shall be a grace period for commercial vendors offering services without student organization sponsorship on a space available basis. 
  9. Credit card solicitation is prohibited on the Buffalo State campus.  No credit card advertising, information, or applications may be offered at any time.  
  10. No group, student or off campus, is allowed to approach any individual in the building to offer services, programs or attempt to sell any items or services as this is considered soliciting.  All groups are to be stationed at a table at all times.

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Failure to comply with the "Policies And Procedures For The Use Of Space In The Student Union" may result in charges and/or denied use of space in the future.

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For More Information Contact
Sarah Velez, Associate Director, Student Life
Campbell Student Union, Room 400