I. Recognition

Recognition is the formal process by which the College agrees that a social fraternity or sorority chapter may function on campus, enroll members, and identify with the College.

Recognition of social fraternal organizations shall not be construed as agreement, support, or approval by the College, but only as recognition of the rights of the organization to exist at the College subject to established conditions. Recognized fraternal organizations may only use the name of the College to indicate location, not endorsement. Use of the College name and symbols is subject to conditions established by the College.

Fraternities and sororities are defined as student groups whose primary goal is the personal, intellectual, and social development of their members. This goal may be achieved through planned social, educational, and service programs and contributions to campus life. These groups may be fraternities, sororities, or co-educational, and local, regional, or national in nature. As is the case with college affiliation with any organizations, chapters are expected to maintain consonance of goals and standards with those of the College.

Withdrawal of recognition or other changes in recognition status may occur at any time as a result of a decline in standards as measured by failure to abide by these policies, or violation of The Buffalo State College Code of Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities for Students, federal, state or local laws.