III. Withdrawal of Recognition

A. Termination

Upon termination of recognition, all chapter operations must cease. All campus privileges and college permission for the chapter to function are revoked. Upon withdrawal of recognition, the chapter shall be ineligible to reapply for recognition for five years unless this requirement is waived by the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Current individual members registered at the College could face campus disciplinary action for failure to comply with termination of recognition.

Should recognition be restored after Termination of Recognition, the chapter will initially be granted Provisional Recognition for one year.

B. Allegations of Violations

Any allegations regarding violation of these guidelines shall be presented to the Greek Liaison, who will request a hearing by the IGA judicial board.  The IGA judicial board shall designate appropriate sanctions for organizations found responsible for violating the guidelines.  If a member on the IGA judicial board is also a member of the organization having allegations against it, that member will be replaced by a member of the IGA executive board.

Allegations of hazing will be referred to the Director of Judicial Affairs for prosecution under the Code of Student Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities and to University Police for investigation of violation of New York State laws.

C. Suspension

Suspension is imposed for a set period of time during which all activities of the chapter are suspended and chapter privileges are revoked. This action may be taken immediately following allegations of hazing or pending investigations of incidents involving physical injury, pending an investigation.

Failure to comply with a suspension order may result in disciplinary action against individual members who are registered students.

If recognition is restored after Suspension, the chapter will be given Provisional Recognition for one year.

D. Appeals

College decisions regarding probationary recognition, denial of full recognition and suspension/termination of recognition may be appealed.


All appeals of college imposed sanctions must be in writing and received by the Dean of Students within five (5) business days of notification of probationary recognition, denial of full recognition or suspension/termination.

Sanctions imposed as a result of action by campus Greek governing bodies, national or the College Judicial System must be appealed through the sanctioning organization’s appeals process, if any.