IV. Membership, Rush and New Member Education Requirements

A. Membership

1.         Membership in organizations shall be determined locally.

2.         Members will be admitted in compliance with the SUNY Board of Trustees and Buffalo State College non-discriminatory policy, although chapters may be single sex under Title IX.

3.         Members must be full time Buffalo State College students.

4.         Prospective members of social organizations must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and have completed at least 12 hours as a matriculated student at a college campus prior to participation in new member education activities.

5.         To continue active membership, an individual must maintain a 2.0 minimum cumulative grade point average.

B. Rush & New Member Education

1.         Rush and new member education periods will be designated annually by the Greek Liaison. All rush and new member education activities will be completed no later than three weeks prior to the first date of final examinations.

2.         All prospective new members and the members of each organization responsible for intake and new member activities must attend a College-sponsored information session prior to new member education activities.

3.         All rush/new member education activities must be in compliance with the New York State Anti-Hazing Law. It is the responsibility of each organization and each member to understand the law and College policy and to adopt and implement healthy and constructive new member education programs.