Commuter Assistant (CA) Responsibilities

What does it mean to be a Commuter Assistant (CA) in the Commuter Assistance Program?

The Commuter Assistance Program is a support network of upperclassmen students who serve as student advisors and provide resources for new undergraduate commuting students. A
Commuter Assistant, also know as a CA, plans activities, provides information, supplies
encouragement and more, for a group of new undergraduate students. Commuter Assistants maintain regular contact and communication with the students in their CA group. CAs are
required to plan and implement at least one program per month for their students. They must also participate in monthly programs planned for all commuting students.

As a Commuter Assistant in the Commuter Assistance Program you are an extremely important person.  By mentoring a student here at Buffalo State you play an active role in aiding the college’s retention efforts and providing a connection to a new student to becoming apart of the community.

By accepting the role of Commuter Assistant you will be responsible for:
  • Implement at least one program per month for their students Reviewing the campus policy and procedures to remain current in the event that your commuter has questions.
  • Assisting your group of students through their academic and social transition.
  • Participating in social events with your group such as athletic events, movies, etc.
  • Project a caring, concerned, and approachable demeanor in order to facilitate communication and establish positive relationships with commuters, fellow staff members, and with members of the Buffalo State communicate with assigned students prior to their arrival on campus.
  • Develop and maintain active contact with an assigned group of commuting students.
  • Serve as a role model and resource for all commuter students.
  • Promote campus traditions, programs, and resources.
  • Be regularly available and accessible to address commuter needs or concerns
  • Direct students to the appropriate academic resources when you are not able to assist them (e.g. Academic Services, Academic Advisors, Professional Hall Staff, Campus Minister, etc.).
  • Treat sensitive information confidentially.
  • Be knowledgeable about university resources to help students find their fit in the wider campus community.

Ready to join the team!  Fill out an application (doc or pdf) and send it back to Tamara Mcmillan!