Commuter Quick Tips


COZY COUCH SYNDROME: "Commuters have told me time and time again, once they go home, they stay home." Tamara McMillan (Associate Director of Student Life) said.

Here are some tips to help fight COZY COUCH SYNDROME
•    You really have to work at it, but slip into traffic instead of something cozy. Over time, you'll be warm and fuzzy about the symposium or club meeting that made you feel more connected to your college.
•    Read everything that's given to you - fliers, notices, etc. - and make every effort to attend events that's begging for your attention.
•    Carpool and bring a friend, that way you are sharing the ride and you will have someone you already know at the event.

FRIENDS. WHAT FRIENDS?: Making lasting or instant connections to the college community is a major challenge for commuters.  It may be difficult to interact and it takes them a little longer to run into the same faces.

Here are some tips:
•    Get involved. The more clubs or organizations you join or events you attend, the more opportunities you’ll have to meet and converse with peers.
•    Arrange to have lunch or study with classmates after or between classes instead of going straight home.

PART-TIME MAY MEAN NO TIME: Often time students have to balance a full time college career with a part time job.  This may cause some time management issues, and usually your college career will suffer.

Here are some tips:
•    Unless it's a financial necessity, you may want to reconsider that part-time job. Getting good grades and being a part of college life outside the classroom takes time and effort (which a part-time job can demand).
•    Think of going to college like a job - is it possible for you to slack off or do things last minute at a job without a consequence?  Be sure to put things in perspective and prioritize!
•    Get a job on campus. You’ll cut back on time commuting and can possibly fit work into your school day. This is also an opportunity to build relationships with people on campus.

READY, SET, PARK: This can be the biggest challenge faced by most commuters.  Especially, since we need to add Buffalo winter weather into the equation.

Here are some tips:
•    Set up a game plan for parking, which involves knowing when and where to park your car to get to class on time. Familiarize yourself with back up routes in case of traffic jams and be aware of alternate parking areas if lots are full.
•  Wear comfortable shoes. Commuters do a lot of walking.
•    Allow time for your commute. It's a lot less stressful and you may have time for that cup of coffee at a popular college hang out.
•    Utilize your NFTA bus pass and you will never have to worry about parking.

Bottom line in avoiding the isolation trap that many commuters fall into - get off the couch. There is no one to tell you that you have to come back for a concert or a fun social event after classes.  It’s up to you to be pro-active and take advantage of all the services and activities at Buffalo State!  The more you are pro-active, the easier it will become to network and meet  new people.