What's the difference between an exchange program and study abroad?

Exchange programs involve the exchange of students between Buffalo State and an overseas university. Each student pays their usual tuition and fees.  Room and board are normally paid at the host institution.

Study abroad means you travel to another location and pay the cost of that program  through Buffalo State or another SUNY campus to the program sponsor (college, university, etc.).

Can I use financial aid?

Usually, yes. Financial aid is available to students who need assistance meeting the expense of study abroad or exchange programs. Students must meet financial aid office guidelines and deadlines; visit Financial Aid for more information.

Also, the International Education Office hosts several workshops during the year to address questions about aid. Check the campus calendar for dates.

Are scholarships available?

Yes. Visit the Financial Aid for more information. And keep in mind, if you're a current student participating in a program sponsored by Buffalo State or another SUNY campus, you're not limited to scholarships earmarked for overseas study—you would remain registered at Buffalo State while overseas and may apply most scholarships to the cost of your program.

Current students participating in Buffalo State programs may apply for study abroad scholarships administered by the International Education Office. The scholarship deadline is April 1 for programs taking place during the following summer, fall and spring. Applications are available at the International Education Office, South Wing 410.

Will my credits taken overseas transfer back to Buffalo State?

Yes, with approval from your department.

How can I get more information?

Contact us or attend one of the many workshops hosted by the International Education Office. Check the campus calendar for dates.

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