Students must attend a series of workshops during Spring 2007. Workshops will be held in Bulger Communication Center N2C (12:15 pm- 1:30 pm) every Tuesday starting January 23.  (Please be aware some workshops may be offered on Thursdays instead or on both Tuesday and Thursday in a given week.)

An all day presentation will be scheduled on a Saturday (April 21).
NOTE:  Attendance at all workshops is mandatory.
This is a team approach to learning and, if you are not present, the team suffers.  Each unexcused absence will lower your final grade by a plus or a minus (e.g. if you would have earned an A, one unexcused absence would make it an A-, two a B+, etc.).  If you are ill, you must notify Dr. Grace before the workshop and must provide medical documentation to have the absence count as excused.  Other reasons for absences will not normally allow them to be considered excused.

Attendance and active participation in all scheduled activities during the trip are also required.

Grading Policy
Grades will be calculated from the following;
* Attendance (mandatory)
* Research paper and presentation  (30%)
* Written reports on workshop discussion questions (30%)
* Active participation in all workshops and in all trip activities (10%)
* Journal written during the trip in Puerto Rico (30%)

IMPORTANT!  A written evaluation of the course/trip is due by June 30. A grade will not be submitted until the evaluation is received.