The study tour is divided into three phases. Students are expected to participate in all phases of the program. Attendance is mandatory. Final grades will be based on the successful completion of each of the course’s components.

 Phase One: Workshops, Research & Presentations

 Every Tuesday during the spring semester (starting January 23), participant students, the study tour director, the assistant to the director and faculty/staff mentors will meet in a large group for workshop presentations.

Faculty and staff will make presentations in the first several workshops. 

During the first weeks of the semester (while faculty and staff make presentations), students will meet with their faculty mentor in their departments, search for information and decide what information will be presented to the large group.

Students will establish with their faculty mentors a timetable for submitting the topic and bibliography and a draft of the written report for review prior to their oral presentations.  

Both the report and the presentation will be graded.  We suggest to faculty that together the report and its presentation be worth 30% of the final grade.

Research can be conducted using the resources available at the library (books, articles, journals and Internet).  Interviews may also be a means of collecting information.  Rehearsal of the presentations is also strongly recommended.

Those not presenting will be expected to submit one-page reports the following week on the discussion questions related to each workshop.  These reports normally constitute 30% of the final grade.  Participation in class discussion and in the activities of the trip itself will yield 10% of the course grade.
Phase Two: Trip                 

The three-week trip to Puerto Rico will begin in late May and run to mid-June (tentative dates are May 22-June 13).

The group will travel along the coast and to some extent in hilly areas of the main island. A visit to Vieques, an offshore island to the east, will also be included.  

Transportation in Puerto Rico will be by land and water. The land transportation will be facilitated by the rental of two vans driven by the director and the assistant director.

The group will stay in five to six towns/cities. The lodging will range from hotels to dorms to cabins.

Food and lodging are covered by the program fee. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner in establishments ranging from simple cafeterias to more formal restaurants.

A $300.00 stipend for personal expenses is provided in the budget as well. 

Phase Three: Journal and Evaluation

A detailed, descriptive and reflective journal must be kept on a daily basis during the trip itself to record observations, impressions and the impact of program activities. The final entry will be a summary of the overall experience.  The journal is due June 30.  It is normally worth 30% of the final grade.

Students are also expected to respond to a written evaluation of the course/trip; due June 30.
Students will be enrolled for six credits of independent study in their respective departments during the spring semester and will receive Incompletes until the journal is submitted and a grade change submitted.