* Every experience was unique and worth it . Olga Valentín 1994

* This trip was worth every penny even though I had to add another loan to my records. Iván Rodríguez 1996

* The information that I gained on this study tour is immeasurable.  The experiences provided me with knowledge of a different culture.  I learned the specifics of its people, values, government, beliefs and traditions.  I do not feel as though all of this knowledge could be gained sitting in a classroom.  Megan Stenger 2001

* This has been, without a doubt, the best opportunity a college has given me up to this point, the most memorable one, and the most important.  Someone close to me once said, “Experience is your best teacher.”  I take that advice to heart.  In the future, I will be able to say that the Buffalo State Study Tour to Puerto Rico was an experience that taught me numerous “essentials” when it comes to human interaction and compromise. Gregory Jaskowiak 2001