Travel to Puerto Rico for three weeks (in late May and early June)

Witness 500 years of history (including the legacy of three major cultural influences: Indian, Spanish, and African)

Interact directly with the local population (in major cities, smaller towns, rural areas, and the island of Vieques)

Experience Puerto Rico’s natural beauty and the conservation efforts to protect it


From Mayagüez you will visit the Camuy River Caves and the Porta Coeli Museum in San Germán.

In Ponce you will experience the Tibes Indian Ceremonial Park, the Ponce History and Art Museums and the Hacienda Buena Vista.

From  Maunabo you will travel to the Casa de Cultura and the Fishermen’s Cooperative, both in Yabucoa.

On the island of Vieques you will visit the Sea Turtle Conservation Project, the Count Mirasol Fort and the Vieques Historical Archives and the fascinating Bioluminescent Bay.

In San Juan you will visit the Capitol and the Roberto Clemente Sports Complex.


Register for six credits of independent study in Spring 2011

Attend weekly preparatory workshops during Bengal Pause

Complete a research paper and give an oral presentation

Attend daily presentations during the trip

Submit a reflective travel journal


The program is open to second semester freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors with a GPA of 2.5 or better.

Application Deadline

October 29, 2010