Mechanical Engineering Technology Overview


Buffalo State's mechanical engineering technology program applies the lessons learned in the classroom to create projects that are fun and functional. Our students have recently been involved with the design, planning, and assembly of off-road vehicles, river boat taxis, air compressors, and many other projects. These hands-on experiences prepare students for stimulating and engaging professional roles after graduation.

Watch video of Mechanical Engineering Technology students at the 2009 Student Research and Creativity Celebration.

After Graduation
The mechanical engineering technology program prepares graduates for professional careers in the machine design; manufacturing; test engineering; field service engineering; technical sales; thermal analysis; product design; utilities operations; heating, ventilating; air conditioning design; and plant operations. 

Along with providing firsthand experience in new product development, our students obtain the problem-solving skills needed for project management in the workplace. Mechanical engineering technology graduates go on to careers in machine design, manufacturing, test engineering, and many other positions. Graduates of Buffalo State's program now work at such companies as Fisher-Price, General Motors, Honda, Moog, Praxair, and others.