Industrial Technology, B.S.

About the Program

The industrial technology program, through its two concentrations, provides students with the opportunity to develop a specialty within a broader framework of operations knowledge. By selecting the manufacturing concentration, the student specializes in direct manufacturing support of a technical or managerial nature. Knowledge of management principles, physical sciences, technology of industry, and liberal arts is employed to optimize manufacturing processes, materials, and personnel. The quality concentration allows the student to develop the ability to assist the organization in obtaining the maximum level of quality performance in providing products or services. This concentration requires a professional internship that places the student in a specialty position in a local organization as a culminating activity.

Program graduates have filled positions as industrial engineers, quality-assurance specialists, operations supervisors, trainers, and technical sales and marketing specialists.

Admissions Requirements

This program accepts freshmen, sophomores, and transfer students.

*Evening study available.

Career Information

Program Requirements

Intellectual Foundations Requirements 39–66 cr

Total Required Credit Hours in Technology/Core Courses 24 cr
TEC 101 Technical Drawing
TEC 201 Materials Processing
TEC 311 Materials Science and Testing
TEC 312 Materials Management
TEC 313 Statistical Quality Control
TEC 314 Electromechanics
TEC 402 Ergonomics
TEC 403 Systems Analysis

Total Required Credit Hours in Concentration 18 cr

A. Manufacturing Concentration1
TEC 400/BUS 320 Marketing
TEC 351 Energy Systems
TEC 404 Industrial Systems Applications
TEC 405 Manufacturing Technology
TEC 465 Safety Management

B. Quality Concentration1
MAT 311 Introductory Probability and Statistics
SPC 307 Group Communication
TEC 200 Total Quality Management
TEC 321 Measurement Systems
TEC 323 Quality Improvement Through Design of Experiments
TEC 488 Quality Internship

1Student selects either the manufacturing or quality concentration.
Total Required Credit Hours in Other Fields for Accreditation 12 cr
Core Math (3)
Core Chemistry (3)
MAT 124 Pre-Calculus Mathematics
PHY 107 General Physics I

All College Electives 0–27 cr

Total Required Credit Hours 120 cr