The Buffalo State College Teacher Education Unit  manages and coordinates the planning, delivery, and operation of education programs through the Deans Council including Dr. Benjamin Christy, Dean of Arts and Humanities, Dr. Scott Johnson, University College Dean, Dr. Rita Zientek, School of Professions Dean, Dr. Kevin Railey, Graduate School Dean, Dr. Mark Severson, Natural and Social Sciences Dean, and Dr. Wendy Paterson, School of Education Dean.  The Deans Counciil is advised by the Teacher Education Council (TEC).  The unit head provides leadership and a central point of coordination for all education-related programs and activities on campus.  Guidance and recommendations are reviewed and proposed by the Teacher Education Council (TEC), which is comprised of representatives from each education program’s academic department.  The TEC is responsible for ensuring necessary and productive dialogue between and among the professional education faculty across the entire college; facilitating the assessment, evaluation, and development of teacher education curricula; and communicating recommendations for teacher education program improvements to appropriate campus personnel.  TEC representatives take issues and topics to their individual faculty, seeking input from related faculty, community partners, and candidates working directly with programs.

The supervision of the TEC is often supplemented by appropriate committee involvement.  The TEC has five committees:  assessment, faculty development, policy review, by-laws, and field/clinical experience (PDS).  Teacher Education Council (TEC) committees are charged with reviewing and making recommendations regarding different aspects of candidate preparation. Each TEC committee provides a committee report at the monthly TEC committee meetings, in addition to bringing to full TEC discussion decision-making issues ranging from assessment to policy.