The 2005-2006 academic year has been the first year of our five year Title III grant.  The US Department of Education under the strengthening institutions program awarded the grant to Buffalo State College to improve the quantitative/ mathematical performance of our students.  The main thrusts of the grant include:

  • The general education of all students including those who take MAT 103 to satisfy their mathematics requirement.
  • The preparation of the pre-service K-8 teachers all of whom take MAT 121 and MAT 122.
  • The preparedness of students in programs that have a mathematics requirement which typically includes calculus.
  • To facilitate the use of technology by providing additional smart classrooms and other forms of technology as appropriate.

In general the grant seeks to foster closer communication and cooperation between the mathematics department and those client departments whose students are required to take mathematics courses.  The activities of the grant are planned and carried out by three different working groups. During the first year these groups have focused on gathering information and assessment data and in one case (the general education group) moving ahead with a plan for change by offering a faculty development workshop to help faculty who will be trying new content and pedagogy in some of the MAT 103 sections beginning in the fall of 2006.  

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